Love Yourself

Take some time & space and go do something with it.  Be a big boy.    Go Love Yourself.

When a guy tells you, “I need time and space”…it pretty much means that there’s some other chick…there’s definitely someone else.  Let’s be real.  That can be a good possibility.  But, so what?  Is there no one else out there for you?  Why wouldn’t there be?  There always is ๐Ÿ™‚ 

When you try to play this game called love, just be prepared.  There are no rules…and sadly, no winners or losers either.  Love is what you make of it.  So play the game or don’t…either way, don’t let anyone let you think that you’re not worth the time or space.

Because you are so worth it.  And so am I.  LOVE YOURSELF.


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