Polimoda Review Q & A


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog and reached out to me about Polimoda in Florence, Italy. Also, I’m sorry I didn’t get to reply back in time to each person who has left me a comment on other sites (Blogspot, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn).

I did, however, get a chance to chat with @aleenadaredia on Instagram and wanted to share our lil Q & A about Polimoda. Hope this helps to all future students ❤️

P.S. Aleena seems to be doing very well in Florence 😉

Poggio Imperiale for Polimoda

Finding accommodations for Polimoda may not be so easy because you might have some doubts about deciding on a place before seeing it in person.  That was my issue.  I knew I wanted to get a place that was close to the school as well as the main city center and I planned on not paying more than 600 euros a month for rent.  Luckily for me, I found Poggio Imperiale.
POGGIO IMPERIALE (Photo by tripadvisor.com)
I suggest that you stay here for at least 2-4 weeks and try to look for rooms and roommates once you arrive in Florence.  It might cost you a little but it’ll totally be worth it, at least for the first month.  In order to apply for your Student Visa for Italy, you’ll need Proof of Accommodations and Clara will be able to assist you on this…so yea, it’s definitely worth it!  Poggio Imperiale is right next to Porta Roma so it’s pretty close to the city (Ponte Vecchio, Duomo, etc)  If you stay for a minimum of 3 months, you can rent the apartment at a cheaper rate (that’s what I did…I lived here for the first 3 months in Florence with a roommate.)
I asked Irene (Admissions at Polimoda) to assist me on finding a roomate.  She was very helpful and gave me a few people to contact and I eventually ended up agreeing on rooming with a classmate even before meeting her.  Okay, here’s the thing, as much as it’s important to see the actual apartment before locking it down…you should really meet your roommate first before committing to anything!  Remember, you’re going to be attending an INTERNATIONAL fashion institute so there will be people from all over the world and you may not “click” with all of them, including your own roommate.  Lastly, here’s another tip, GET YOUR OWN ROOM…you can live with roommates but don’t share rooms unless you absolutely have to!!  Chances are, you’re going to need your own “space“.
Good luck finding accommodations in Firenze!!

Polimoda – Florence, Itay


Ciao Bella!! Come stai?

Want to study at Polimoda?? VA BENE!

Yes, it is true…The Mimi Amore is a proud alumni of Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing.  FMM 2009!

I completed my BA in Fashion Design from Cal State Los Angeles in 2008.  Right after graduation, I decided to pursue my masters degree in Fashion Merchandising.  I really didn’t enjoy sewing or making patterns so I wanted to get my masters in Fashion Merchandising so I can have a career in fashion business. Then I thought, “Wait, I should study my masters in EUROPE!”  Of course!! 

So I started researching for schools in cities like Paris, Milan, London and then I found Polimoda in Florence, Italy.  I liked the fact that Polimoda was affiliated with FIT in New York.  As an American, this has been a huge advantage and benefit for me.  When I tell people I studied my Masters at Polimoda, they have no idea what kind of school it is.  Then I add that it is the sister school to FIT in New York and everyone seems to “get it” and they’ll perceive Polimoda as a prestigious fashion institute.  

I joined the FASHION MERCHANDISING & MANAGEMENT (FMM) Masters Program at Polimoda in the summer of 2009.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was to be attending this school!  I went on my “Eurotrip” in Summer 2006 and was fortunate enough to visit Florence and I totally fell in love with the city!  Firenze was absolutely amazing so to be living there was definitely a dream come true!!

The application process for Polimoda was super easy. Just go online to their website (http://www.polimoda.com/) and click on the HOW TO APPLY link….or just click here.  After you apply online, you should get an application package from Polimoda.  You have to answer an entrance exam question and then finish with a phone interview with the program director.  Mind you, I got my phone call at 3am in Los Angeles (that’s 12pm noon in Florence) so just be ready and prepared!  Honestly, the application process wasn’t hard at all but getting a Student Visa for Italy was a totally different story!
Thanks for reading my Polimoda review…hope it helps!!