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2019 is over. It was damn exhausting but now it’s over.

So blessed for this new year…this new decade. Back on track with a heart full of love and a life to truly be grateful for.

Amo la Mia Vita ❤️

Miami Luxe 

 I just got back from Miami and I really enjoyed our stay at Riviera South Beach.  We had the cutest suite ever ~ I loved the decor.  We had a full kitchen and a spacious living room.  I highly recommend staying here…Perfect for couples or a girls weekend! 

Le Little Paris








Cute little boutique hotel in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. They booked us in the biggest room…sweet! The other rooms at this place were super small – just enough room for one queen size bed. Our room was practically like the VIP suite. SWEET!!

They have a little boutique store next to the lobby. Nothing too special but there were some adorable items to look at. They have a nice patio in the front so it was nice to eat breakfast outside.

The room came with a complimentary breakfast, nothing too fancy but quite fulfilling. Overall, our stay was nice and pleasant 🙂 It would be a great place to stay for couples ❤

No Fakes. Thanks


I guess this lady didn’t get the memo!

Really? I mean, come on! You really want to buy a “Gucci” bag from a guy who sells his merchandise off the streets…literally! His “shop” is a dirty blanket on the sidewalk! And in Florence, too! Guccio Gucci, I feel your pain…please forgive her!!