40 + 1 Roses


I found out that the number “1” is very lucky in India. While visiting my fellow Polimoda alumni in Delhi, my friend’s husband gave her 41 long stem roses for their 3-month anniversary. 40 red roses + 1 white rose. Very sentimental and romantic!! That’s Amore!

Dearest Gandhi



Our tour guide, Grand Travel Planner, took us to Birla Bhavan (also known as Gandhi Smriti) during our Delhi city tour.

By far, this was my favorite museum in India! And, trust me, we went to a lot of museums all over the huge country! Walking along the path where Gandhi took his last steps, was by far one of the most memorable moments of my life. It was like walking amongst the greatest of greatest. You definitely have to visit this place if you’re ever in Delhi…trust.

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Ganges River Ceremony – Varanasi, India


Every night at the Ganges River in India, the local priests perform religious ceremonies for the locals and tourists. The sights, sounds and especially the smell of incense consumes you. You are definitely on a spiritual high after experiencing this….no matter what religion you belong to, you will be inspired.