Midnight Taco Truck Feast

Best thing about Los Angeles?  Taco trucks!

Before the Kogi truck (Hi Roy…love you!) and wayyyy before everyone and their mamas opened a “specialty food truck”, the old sweet ladies owned the streets with their yummy carne asada and al pastor.  They are the real food trucks of SoCal.  

Sylvano (Miami, FL) 

 Sylvano Italian restaurant in Miami, Florida 

I found this amazing Italian restaurant near our hotel in Miami. Seriously…the food was so damn good!!  The truffle ravioli was to die for! 

If you’re in Miami and craving Italian food with great flavors, try Sylvano’s 😉 you won’t be disappointed! 

Bo Ne with Pâté


I found this Vietnamese restaurant, Mon Ami, on Yelp. They serve French-Vietnamese cuisine. Most of the Yelpers recommended the Bo Ne with pâté sauce. I love getting the pâté banh mi sandwiches so I definitely wanted to try this particular dish. It was pretty good, not bad at all!! The steak was delicious and the pâté sauce was amazing. The onions and egg on the side complimented the meat dish very well. If you’re in OC and in the mood for some good meat, try Mon Ami!