Ok, sorry for the vainie (a vain selfie) but can I just say that I’m turning 32 next week and I’m in the best shape of my life?  I know it may seem vain but I try hard to maintain myself as I age.  Something I think we all should do…no?  Why not age graciously, watch what we eat, use sunscreen, exercise and a lot of other nonsense…blah blah 😉 LOL

As I get older, I don’t doubt my worth or my beauty.  I am in the best condition, mentally and physically.  That’s a plus in my book 🙂 yay me! 

On a side note, of course, I’m trying to work on my winter tan!  Best thing about living in SoCal is the beautiful weather.  But do you see the dried-up, dying grass in the background?  Welcome to drought season…hey, it happens. 

TI AMO Ciao xoxo

Chilly in Cali


This is crazy. You know it’s crazy cold when it hits below 60 degrees. Well, at least it is for us in SoCal. I’m telling you, I can’t remember a winter as cold as this! I swear, this weather is killing me.

Yea, I’m sure people on the East Coast are probably laughing at me, thinking, “That’s not even cold” but I’m sorry, this is just ridiculous cold. C’mon, give me a break…I’m from SoCal 😉 it’s not supposed to be this cold here! 

Just trust me when I say, for SoCalians, this is just too cold to f*ck with.