Perfect Picnic

The Butchery

Hubs and I were driving down the coast and decided to stop to get some food. We found The Butchery and ended up getting goodies for a quick picnic.

Perfect little SoCal afternoon ❤️

Mother Nature

Everyone is at home and Mother Nature is at work.

I hope we all learn and survive from this. Loving each other and taking care of one another is a hard lesson to learn but definitely necessary.

COVID-19 has changed the world. Now, it’s up to us to make that change all worth it.

President Trump

Wow.  President Trump.  He did it, guys. He fucken did it.  Look, I voted for Hilary but I’m not mad that Trump won.  I really thought he would win, too, to be honest.  I mean, shit, my parents even voted for him.

I can accept Donald Trump as the President of the United States.  I am an American, aren’t I?

Don’t think that all Trump supporters are racists, sexists, arrogant assholes.  Some of them are…but not all of them.  The messed up part is, though, there are a few of those assholes that run around thinking that this is THEIR America when, in reality, it’s not.

America is not yours to take.  You are allowed to enjoy the benefits of this great country but not one citizen or resident may take America as YOURS.  This beautiful nation is filled with different cultures, religions and ethnicities from all over the world.  We are blessed to have this diversity in our country – we can use this to set a platform for other countries around the world.

“It’s not good to be different.  It’s great to be different.”

We are Americans.  Please don’t take any pride out of that.  I am not, nor will I ever be, ashamed of America.  Let’s be Americans.  Show each other love and respect ❤️️

Congratulations, President Trump.  I wish you, and our country, all the best.


Ok, sorry for the vainie (a vain selfie) but can I just say that I’m turning 32 next week and I’m in the best shape of my life?  I know it may seem vain but I try hard to maintain myself as I age.  Something I think we all should do…no?  Why not age graciously, watch what we eat, use sunscreen, exercise and a lot of other nonsense…blah blah 😉 LOL

As I get older, I don’t doubt my worth or my beauty.  I am in the best condition, mentally and physically.  That’s a plus in my book 🙂 yay me! 

On a side note, of course, I’m trying to work on my winter tan!  Best thing about living in SoCal is the beautiful weather.  But do you see the dried-up, dying grass in the background?  Welcome to drought season…hey, it happens. 

TI AMO Ciao xoxo

Dumbfoundead aka Parker


Photo via Instagram @dumbfoundead

 So if you haven’t heard of Dumbfoundead…Google his ass right now!  For real, this guy is killin’ it.  His music is definitely pure talent.  He’s so smooth with his style and I’m a huge fan of all his music.  Plus, he’s a really nice guy…real chill.

Follow @dumbfoundead and just listen to his music.  He’s got mad talent.  Respect. 

Chilly in Cali


This is crazy. You know it’s crazy cold when it hits below 60 degrees. Well, at least it is for us in SoCal. I’m telling you, I can’t remember a winter as cold as this! I swear, this weather is killing me.

Yea, I’m sure people on the East Coast are probably laughing at me, thinking, “That’s not even cold” but I’m sorry, this is just ridiculous cold. C’mon, give me a break…I’m from SoCal 😉 it’s not supposed to be this cold here! 

Just trust me when I say, for SoCalians, this is just too cold to f*ck with.